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  • SA-46 CASIO Music

    EAN: 4971850321071


L'SA-46 (base verde) è provvista di 32 minitasti a misura di bambino e offre 100 timbri, 50 ritmi e 10 brani integrati.

  • Dettagli tecnici

    32 mini keys

    8-note polyphony (max.)

    100 tones

    50 rhythms

    10 practice pieces

    Melody-Off Lesson system

    This system allows you to turn off the melody part of a lesson song to play it by yourself.

    Piano/organ button

    Five drum pads

    LC display

    Battery operation possible

    Instead of plugging it in, the instrument can be operated with the correct batteries.

    Weight 1.0 kg

Dettagli / specifiche SA-46 | 47

  • 100 timbri / 50 ritmi
  • 10 brani
  • Sistema di esercitazione Melody On/Off
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